The Founders

Shaun Wright


Shaun is a successful serial entrepreneur with experience running Oil and Gas and IT businesses. He’s the founder of several successful product and services companies, building and selling innovative products that have been industry changers. He was the President and CEO of a publicly listed company, General Manager with P&L responsibilities, and Global Sales Manager of several large custom consulting groups.

Ziad Katrib


Ziad specializes in developing and deploying industry-grade machine learning applications. He has led cross functional teams that use cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to deliver pragmatic solutions for business problems. He is an expert in applying machine learning and deep learning to event detection, sensor data, and turbine performance optimization for industrial systems. He also advises leaders on transforming business processes using AI in the industrial space.

The Staff

We believe in building corporate value by building value for its employees. Part of this value building includes ongoing training in many SME areas, including Cloud, AI, ML technologies. Following is a selection of our staff with their certifications.

Data Scientists / ML Engineers

Kavya Srinivasan

Kavya is a Data Scientist with a Master’s degree in Data Science. She is experienced in developing ML algorithms, advanced data analysis, using PowerBI and Seeq, python web development skills to deliver ML models and other services in a user-friendly way. She enjoys working with real-time sensor/PI data to solve business problems and meet the clients needs.

Jake Koney

Jake is an experienced engineer who uses his knowledge of programming combined with his background in chemical engineering to deliver insights on engineering projects. He has worked to setup, configure and manage different types of data historians and has also analyzed data to create actionable visualization dashboards from monitoring to forecasting for engineers in different industries.

Sivaji Gudipati

Sivaji is a process engineer with significant customer-facing international refining and petrochemicals experience transitioned to machine learning and data analytics through a Master's at Cornell University. He successfully worked on EPC/PMC/FEED and detailed engineering projects as a process engineer. He brings a unique skill set of a data scientist with process engineering knowledge.

Sampath Vaddadi

Sampath is Data Scientist / ML engineer by passion & profession and a Computer Engineer by degree. He has experience in developing advanced ML models and integrating them with already existent workflows on cloud or on premise. He enjoys using NLP, ML and AI to solve real-world challenges. He loves to read technical papers, implement them and build personal projects on the side.

Fan-yun Yen (Fred)

Fan-yun Yen obtained his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from University of Houston. His researches were focused on 3D modeling of chromosome territories and analysis of their organization within nuclei. He joined BKO Services as a data scientist in 2020 and has been working on applying machine learning algorithms, statistical principles, and data analytics methods to solve industrial problems.

Anne Goj

Anne is a computational scientist/ data scientist with a PhD in Chemistry from Cornell University. She joined BKO Services in 2021 after previously working as a research engineer in manufacturing related to Utilities equipment. Her background in chemistry, physics, fluid dynamics, and programming is combined with enthusiasm for quality and reliability. She is interested in applying statistical learning and data analysis to industrial problems.

Data Engineers

Saravanan Rajendran

Saravanan is an experienced Data Engineer who builds complete automation pipelines in DevOps to process Time Series data to the cloud. He is an expert in cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure and AWS. He also develops software applications on top of Data engineering services to achieve customer's business objectives. He is an AI enthusiast who loves to work with a supportive team.

Gabe Haarsma

Gabe is a highly skilled data engineer and software developer who builds large Data Warehouses for major LNG companies. He is experienced in setting up cloud computing infrastructures in Azure, AWS and GCP. He is a pioneer in data technologies like analysis machine learning, and visualization with the R statistical language and packages like dplyr, caret, ggplot2, shiny, and googleVis.

UX / Web / Fullstack Developers

Hidayat Hasan (Dale)

Dale is a passionate full-stack software developer who always looks to improve with new skills in web/mobile development technologies. He is experienced with multiple enterprise client projects (multiple industries) with short completion timeframes. He is well versed with web/mobile development modules such as front-end, backend, database, version control, cloud etc.

David Meinrath

David is an experienced fullstack developer who has extensive experience in UI/UX development. He enjoys developing, implementing and testing full stack commercial applications. David maintains simulation web apps with NodeJS APIs and CI deployment to multiple clients. He develops custom frontend 3D assets and geographic visualizations in Unity3D, deployable onto web and iOS.