AI & Data Science solutions

from Real-Time Data

Our Services

BKO Services has extensive industrial experience coupled with strong presence in the energy domain. We have our presence in many major national and international power and Oil&Gas companies.

Renewable Resources Optimization

Forecasting power generation from renewable assets like wind, solar and storage can get complicated. We can help renewable operators optimize their asset dispatch by building Deep Learning and Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms that outperform traditional methods.

Demand Forecasting

At BKO Services, we use some of the most advanced Machine Learning approaches to build forecasting algorithms for commodities such as energy demand and price which are used by organizations for trading purposes and to optimize their operational activities.

Remote Operations Management

BKO Services specializes specializes in leveraging the power of AI to monitor your plant operations. We build machine health monitoring algorithms to transform your equipment maintenance strategy to an on-demand one and seamlessly integrate it with your enterprise workflows.

Digital Twins

We extract the power of ML to build digital replicas of your process equipment which can then be used by engineers to mix and match different operating configurations and used in a number of scenarios such as trading, forecasting and operations planning.

Capital Optimization

We use ML to interrogate historic spending, scheduling and operations data and combine them with accurate visualizations of expected and actual costs. This provides planning teams to keep track and scale operations up or down in response to status quo.

Data Services

BKO Services provides wide variety of data services relating to enterprise historian systems such as OSI PI and also cloud technologies such as Azure, AWS and GCP.

Our Expertise

We offer wide-variety of services across different sectors of the power and oil & gas industries. We are experts in turning raw data and unstructured data into a profit making business opportunity for our clients with the help of our partners SEEQ and OSI Soft.


Integrating plant real-time data systems with trading, marketing, and distribution systems provides a basis for AI predictive tools to inform and impact operations in time to meet evolving market needs. We can visit you to discuss the entire supply and logistics chain to discover how AI can improve performance.


BKO Services defines and designs Enterprise Cloud based solutions for Advanced Analytics applications. Real-time and financial data stored in your Data Lake is available to support operational and investment decision making at all levels.

Power & Utilities

Valuable assets and insights can be created from equipment operational data using Machine Learning. Our experts can prototype, test and select the Machine Learning models most likely to meet your operational goals.


Visualizing and optimizing exploration and production strategies from discovery to production, we can build integrated analytics systems that will take account of all parameters and advise on optimum design and operational characteristics. Schedule a meeting now with one of our upstream experts.