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Advanced Analytics

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Raise your game. Real-time data driven financial and operational insights.

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BKO Services defines and designs Enterprise Cloud based solutions for Advanced Analytics applications.

Real-time and financial data  stored in your Data Lake is available to support operational and investment decision making at all levels.

Power and Utilities

Valuable assets and insights can be created from equipment operational data using Machine Learning.

Our experts can prototype, test and select the Machine Learning models most likely to meet your operational goals


Integrating plant real-time data systems with trading, marketing, and distribution systems provides a basis for AI predictive tools to inform and impact operations in time to meet evolving market needs.

We can visit you to discuss the entire supply and logistics chain to discover how AI can improve performance.


Visualizing and optimizing exploration and production strategies from discovery to production, we can build integrated analytics systems that will take account of all parameters and advise on optimum design and operational characteristics.

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Want to work together?

BKO Services’ staff can work with you through all stages of your project. Staff are available as part of complete managed project packages with clear objectives, or as individuals on a time-and-materials basis.

What we do

BKO Services provides Project-Managed hourly resources to implement highly integrated Machine Learning systems optimizing performance and minimizing costs.

Remote or On Site

We can work remotely or onsite with the client and in every case, we can take responsibility for the delivered product as required.

Who we do it for

We are a managed services company supplying custom built solutions to the power, utilities, pipeline, upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas industries

To meet your requirements

BKO Services designs and builds Machine Learning Solutions predicting accurate and realistic operational and financial targets using your valuable real-time and historical data